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Hidden Cave Caboose


Hidden Cave Caboose. Big handsome Dunskin colt

Caboose is born and raised here at the Hidden Cave Ranch and is 2 years young. We have debated long if we should keep him […]

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Gorgeous Curly x Gypsy Vanner, mare in foal

Gypsy is a very nice stocky build mare. She is jet black and has long Curly manes and tail…and long Curly fetlocks. She has the […]

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Kinyobi trot

$4500 USD

Wonderful Curly Gelding looking for new partner

Kinyobi is a very special curly that was born here. Throughout his life, he has maintained a superior temperament and work ethic.  He is only […]

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SFT Milam's Charge


SFT Milam’s Charge: friendly, confident 2015 straight dun Gelding

Milam is bold and outgoing. He loves to interact with people. His smoky coloring, dun line and zebra stripes are stunning! He easily accepted the […]

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IMG_Annabella - August 2016 - 01

$5500 CAD

Beautiful Black 2 Year Old Filly

Annabella is an adorable black 2 year old filly with a lovely topline. Nice movement too. Her coat is extra thick with a loose curl. She will […]

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FOR SALE: Colt Starting Collection Kalley Krickeberg (PNH Student) Pre-Saddle Training: 4 DVD disc set, 5 hours and 33 min long.  (paid $50) Lauman Training […]

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13 year old gelding

13 year old gelding, ridden mostly on trails with a little cow work. Leads or follows and breaks away from group with ease. Trims and […]

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SFT Fury Seeks Truth


SFT Fury Seeks Truth: Sweet and Beautiful Filly (Homozygous for Dun)

Fury is an enchanting combination of beauty and spirit. Her red dun coloring is stunning and her personality dynamic and alluring. She tested positive by […]

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Katalina’s Painted Skye: Trail and Arena Experience – Beautiful...

Skye exhibits the beauty and grace her name suggests. She has had over 100 rides and demonstrates solid composure, intelligence, and a willing attitude. Skye […]

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SFT Seeker’s Spirit


SFT Seeker’s Spirit: Exceptionally Friendly, Gorgeous 2011 Tobiano Ge...

Seeker has a friendly and adventurous spirit and beautiful tobiano markings. He loves being around people and really thrives when put to work. He is […]

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