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About Curly Pines Ranch


SFT True Heart's Serenade


SFT True Heart’s Serenade: incredibly friendly, beautiful mover, quic...

Serenade represents all the beauty and promise of a Spring day. Her red dun gray coloring is enchanting and her charm irresistible. She has been […]

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Stag Creek Starling


Stag Creek Starling: Bold and Beautiful, Endearing, Friendly Personality, S...

Starling is bold and beautiful. She has an endearing, friendly personality, a wonderfully sturdy build, and beautiful primitive dun markings. She has been a quick […]

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SFT Quitaque: Sweet and Charming Personality, Willing Spirit – Curly ...

Quitaque (pronounced “kit-ta-kway”) has a sweet and charming personality and a willing spirit. She loves to interact with people. Her curls and waves are gorgeous […]

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SFT True Heart's Valor


SFT True Heart’s Valor: Personality, Willing Learner VIDEO

Valor is a terrific combination of personality, potential and curls! He has been incredibly friendly and super interactive with people since the day he foaled. […]

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SFT-Sundance (1)


SFT Sundance: Smart & gentle spirit (NEW VIDEO – April 2017!)

NEW VIDEO – APRIL 2017 with trail and obstacles footage! SFT Sundance is for sale to an approved home! Sundance is super smart, has a […]

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SFT Milam's Charge


SFT Milam’s Charge: friendly, confident 2015 straight dun Gelding

Milam is bold and outgoing. He loves to interact with people. His smoky coloring, dun line and zebra stripes are stunning! He easily accepted the […]

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SFT Fury Seeks Truth


SFT Fury Seeks Truth: Sweet and Beautiful Filly (Homozygous for Dun)

Fury is an enchanting combination of beauty and spirit. Her red dun coloring is stunning and her personality dynamic and alluring. She tested positive by […]

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SFT Seeker’s Spirit


SFT Seeker’s Spirit: Exceptionally Friendly, Gorgeous 2011 Tobiano Ge...

Seeker has a friendly and adventurous spirit and beautiful tobiano markings. He loves being around people and really thrives when put to work. He is […]

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Katalina’s Painted Skye: Trail and Arena Experience – Beautiful...

Skye exhibits the beauty and grace her name suggests. She has had over 100 rides and demonstrates solid composure, intelligence, and a willing attitude. Skye […]

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Stag Creek Anpao


Stag Creek Anpao: Strength, ability and charm – smoky bay 2013 dun ge...

Anpao embodies the beauty, power, and demeanor of the classic American Bashkir Curly. Anpao’s striking and handsome physique is paired with strength and athletic ability […]

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