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Relisting My Ad

Are you confused or having trouble relisting your Ad? Let me help!

First let me answer one of the top questions asked,

“If I have the membership package why are my ads expiring”?

The answer is:

Chances are that those ads were either placed on the classified section before you purchased your Membership Package,  or they were placed using a coupon.  In both these cases, your ads are not be listed “under” your membership package, meaning they most likely have an expiration date of either 3 months or 6 months. Don’t dispair! You can do one of two things:

1. Contact me and I can change the expiration date on those ads to match your membership package date. curlyhorsecountry@yahoo.com

2. Or the best thing is relist the ads to have them “under” your membership package account, especially if you paid for individual ads prior to buying the membership. Once there, those ads will all expire when your membership expires and renew for 1 year according to the membership benefits. Otherwise, you will be asked to pay when you renew because that was the terms in which that ad was placed originally.

To relist your ad, sign in and go to your dashboard. (Or follow the link that was given to you via email when your ad expired.) Once there, you will see your ads.  There will be a button that says “relist ad.” Click that. If you owe money, it will take you to the next screen to pay. If not,  you will need to hit the little button indicated below to the right which looks like a pause button. Once you click on that, it will turn to an arrow. Then your ad will relist automatically. If you still have questions, please let me know. Email curlyhorsecountry@yahoo.com

Scam Alert – Beware!

There are always scams going on regarding sales of horses and other items over the internet. You may be contacted by a buyer from a foreign country. Be very careful on all sales --- make sure the buyer's check or money order is written on a US bank and has cleared that bank, before you let your horse go. Never send any money back on an overpayment, a common trick to get your horse, AND cash your good check before you find out that their payment is bogus. Your bank will hold you responsible for both amounts. Buyers AND sellers please be smart and ask lots of questions.